Graphic Tongue

Graphic Tongue is an ever evolving project spearheaded by composer and guitarist Avi Granite. The name Graphic Tongue alludes to the visual improvisational language of Granite's design.

The origin of this effort dates back to 2006, when on a composition residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Granite sought to bridge the chasm between improvising and non-improvising musicians, Granite created Inside, a visual composition resembling a floor plan where numbers take the place of notes and rhythms, and creativity is the only limitation. Offering form to freedom, Inside embraced the technical and creative gifts of non-improvising musicians and empowered them to express themselves anew. From there, Granite endeavoured to find new ways to visually communicate information that may be interpreted in creative music.

Graphic Tongue is about communication, using visual cues and form to evoke creation through musical expression. The music is improvised, unrehearsed and designed to achieve as raw of a reaction as possible. Each piece has its identifiable characteristics, its guidelines and its challenges.

In it's current form, Graphic Tongue is a quartet based in Brooklyn, NY.

Michael Attias - alto saxophone/piano
Avi Granite - electric guitar
Evan Crane - double bass
Tiffany Chang - drums
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